Give a gift of hope by supporting a patient, family or program

Your gift to Marcus Autism Center meets at the intersection of urgent need and lasting impact. Marcus Autism Center offers the most programs and research of any autism center in the U.S. This is made possible through donor support. Annually, $10 million is required for services, programs and research.

The Difference We Could Make Together

Here is what your donation could make possible:

•  Transform healthcare delivery for children with autism spectrum disorder

• Create financially sustainable programs and services

• Purchase leading-edge equipment

• Further enhance care to improve outcomes


We know that, as donors, you don’t want to just keep the lights on.
You want to change the world. At Marcus Autism Center,
keeping the lights on will change the world.


On behalf of all the families at Marcus Autism Center, thank you.
With your contribution, families will receive the care they so desperately need.


Meet the Samsky family

Celebrating success and helping others do the same


Meet the Chapmans

Transforming how families receive services

The Chapmans know the challenges faced by parents when their
child is diagnosed with a potentially devastating, lifelong condition.
They partnered with Marcus Autism Center to change the way
services are delivered to families and the community.


Like many families, autism found its way into the Chapman family when their grandson was diagnosed. They established the Tom and Karen Chapman Care Coordination Services to help all families. These specialized services and team members function as ambassadors and coordinators to help patients and families with an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis navigate their healthcare experience.

Tom and Karen Chapman Care Coordination Services provide:

• A consistent, supportive person to assist families
in navigating complex systems of care

• Links to local service providers for therapies and services

• Emotional support and stress management tools

• Resources from and referrals to community programs for family support

• Educational programs for families raising children with ASD


The Chapmans’ gift transforms Marcus Autism Center at its core, expanding community impact and supporting caregivers—parents, grandparents and families—like never before.


Flip the therapy dog reduces children’s anxiety in new or challenging situations and motivates children to communicate and interact.


Our f irst canine employee

I use it before and after I pet Flip. Rub, rub, rub!
Flip is a specially trained dog that visits with children at Marcus Autism Center.
I pet Flip with gentle touches and don't touch his face or head.
Flip wears a special green vest. He is kind and does not bite.
If I don't want to pet him, I can just talk.
Flip works at Marcus Autism Center. He walks around with his caretakers.
Sometimes Flip gets a treat. I can't feed Flip.
I ask to pet Flip. If someone else is petting him, I wait my turn.

Meet the Glenn Family

Building brighter futures

“Our family foundation wanted to make a gift in my father’s name. My dad believed in meaningful gifts that would make a difference for a long time and wanted to leave something to Marcus Autism Center to benefit my children and to help so many others. The work of
Marcus Autism Center is so important.”

–Saunders Glenn Bohan


Bob Glenn took a vested interested in Marcus Autism Center
when his twin granddaughters were diagnosed with autism.
"When they were 3 years old, we noticed Lilly and Sarah weren't keeping up developmentally with their peers," said the girls’ mother, Saunders. "Twins are hard as it is, but this diagnosis made it even more challenging. My dad encouraged me to
come to Marcus Autism Center from Virginia. Every one of
our experiences was so positive, and we have so much
more freedom now as a result.”


Bob saw the difference Marcus Autism Center made for his granddaughters and made it the beneficiary of a $200,000 individual retirement account. His promise became a gift when Bob passed away in 2016. With an additional $50,000 gift by the Jack and Anne Glenn Foundation, the Robert J. Glenn Autism Research Endowment was created and will exist in perpetuity.



A momma helps autism professionals

“I participated on a panel as the voice of a parent and family, sharing my perspective of an autism diagnosis with professionals from Marcus Autism Center and Emory University School of Medicine. I had no idea what a small-town momma could offer to this crowd whose very jobs are focused on autism diagnoses, treatment, research, and advocacy. But, I learned a momma CAN make a difference by offering a human perspective to research.

I shared the emotion of the process of diagnosis:

• How families find a way to connect through autism

• What it’s like to share our diagnosis to those who are unaware

• The guilt and grief that happens after receiving a diagnosis

• The love that doesn’t change with a diagnosis

• Seeing the kindness behind peoples’ actions,
even if their words aren’t what you want to hear

I talked about when people see Dawson—our totally Awesome Dawson—how much I hope they see the things that are wonderful about him, not just the things that are tough for him. I shared my view through the eyes of love.”   - Renee B., Dawson’s mom